RACEFACE NEXT SL: Handcrafted in Vancouver

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The places we come from help guide the places we go. Over twenty five years ago, Race Face was born from the imagination and creativity that shaped the wildest features of Vancouver’s North Shore. An idea was unearthed on trails that made us feel alive. A challenge. A call to something larger than ourselves.

Here in the playground of the Coast Mountains, we created a legacy of doing things our way. Cranks crafted in the backroom and proven in the backyard. R&D done every damn day. Every trail delivering a new design tweak. Every moment spent on dirt embedded into the very fiber of our cranks. And we continue to forge towards what is next.

We were raised in these mountains. We still live, work, and dream in this space. Race Face is within spinning distance of B.C.’s best singletrack, and we build every Race Face carbon crankset by hand, right here.

Introducing the new Race Face Next SL – proudly handcrafted in Vancouver, B.C.

Our trusted and performance-driven Next SL crankset has been refined with improvements in its carbon layup and manufacturing process that delivers an increase in crank arm stiffness for precise power transfer. The strength of the new Next SL crank arms is exceptional with a modest reduction in weight over the G4. Plus, you can run the new Next SL (and all RF Cinch System cranks) with the Shimano 12-spd drivetrain when using  our new Cinch Direct Mount Shimano 12-spd Compatible 1x ring. The Next SL crankset continues forward as the benchmark for XC + Trail crank performance – a testament to the history of Race Face following its own path of creating industry leading rider-focused product.

Mehr auf https://www.raceface.com/products/details/next-sl-crankset