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Fest Series

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Fest Series

What could beat a week-long session with your mates hanging out in the woods with bikes? That is precisely the aim of Fest Sessions Polska; to ride as much as possible on an insane course with four distinct lines. Poland greeted us with hospitality, great food, and a massive playground. It was refreshing to share the track with some of the most remarkable female riders on the planet! With Vero Sandler, CJ Selig, Vinny Armstrong, Gemma Corbera, Robin Goomes and Chelsea Kimball all making an effort to come out, we were more than stacked with talent and steez! Robin throwing down tricks while Vinny sneezing each gap was a blessing to see – just watch the clip already!

As for the usual suspects, we enjoyed the speed and dedication of Nico Vink, Red Belge, Marcin Rot, Alois D’adamo on double duty building the course and sending laps until sunset. On the other hand, Sam Hodgson went bananas on the big line, flipping the significant step-down hip. At the same time, Max Kruse and Clemens Kaudela simply blasted laps on the course. Did the women miss the big line? Hell no!

For steez, we enjoyed watching the crew cruise the warm-up lines with tons of transfers and a mega hip! Lukas Schafer, the Ruso Bros, Raoul Schneeberger, Eliott Lapotre, William Roberts, Nicholi Rogatkin, Dawid Godziek, Reed Boggs, Manuel Simion, Jan Perse or the fresh face in MTB, and Sergio Layos went all out on this one. Hodgy even attempted a tail whip over the tree, and while he didn’t pull it, the effort alone blew our minds!

Due to wind conditions, riders needed to take advantage of early morning and late evening sessions, highlighting how dedicated Fest people are. Whether you are cooking for the wolf pack, filming, shooting the sesh, shuttling the crew or organising everything at HQ, you clock in whenever the riders tell you they are ready to send. Most of us have been to important events worldwide, but it still mesmerizes us. You can only host sessions like this if you connect people with the right passion from many fields. We were so lucky to find these people in Poland and can only extend the most massive thank you ever!

Big up to the heroes behind the stage: Szymon Godziek and CJ Selig for putting the event together, Marcin Rot, Alois D’adamo and local shovel wizards Szymon Wojciechowski and Kacper Maszczak, Adam Glosowic and Nikola Baron for keeping us in one piece and organizing literally everything when needed, our beautiful hosts at Apartamenty Miranda , our shuttle boss Tomek Krzemiński and the whole media crew behind this project.

For the film crew: Ryszard Syryczynski, Aleksander Osmałek, Mateusz Rathe, FPV: Cine Ghost Kacper Spławiński.
Still photography by: Bartek Woliński, Hanna Retz, Fraser Britton, Héloïse Lamberti and Mateusz Szachowski.

Full riders list:
Dawid Godziek
Szymon Godziek
Nico Vink
Red Belge
Marcin Rot
Alois D’adamo
Sergio Layos
Sam Hodgson
Vero Sandler
Gemma Corbera
Vinny Armstrong
Chelsea L. Kimball
CJ Selig
Robin Goomes
Max Kruse
Lukas Schafer
Jan Perse
Eliott Laporte
William Roberts
Raoul Schneeberger
Clemens Kaudela
Daniel Ruso
Elias Ruso
Nicholi Rogatkin
Reed Boggs
Manuel Simion

Hope you all enjoy the video.

The Fest Series crew.

Fest Series

Photos by: @wolisphoto

Jedes Mal wenn ich mir die Videos von der FEST Series anschaue, beiß ich mir in den Allerwertesten. Es sind immer geile Videos die dort von dem FEST Series produziert werden. Unter anderem auch die Fahrer die einfach alles geben und einfach auch nur uns zeigen wollen. Hey, Mountainbike Downhill, Enduro … whatever ist eine Sportart wo wir zusammen was unternehmen sollten. Das natürlich Rock und Metal Musik dort gespielt wird, da blüht mein Herz auf, denn ich verbinde meine alte Leidenschaft der Musik mit meiner neuen Leidenschaft und das seit über zehn Jahren mit dem Mountainbiken. Hier die links zu allen Video auf rockster.tv

ps hier die Band aus dem Video:


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